Animal Cookies is a delicious cannabis strain renowned for its scent, taste, and capacity to increase appetite according reviewers. It’s a cross between Fire OG and GSC which is where it not only gets its name but its terpene profile which mimics a sweet scent reminiscent of cherries or grapes mixed with brown sugar.

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Created for cannabis connoisseurs, the Animal Cookies strain is an absolute staple in any connoisseur’s collection. This hybrid strain is known to be a powerful, long-lasting product, offering intense highs that span the cerebral as well as a body sensation. With a sweet and earthy aroma, this strain dazzles with its abundant amount of trichomes and unique look. The flavor profile is both sweet and tangy, leaving you wanting more each time.

Perfect for any time of day or night, Animal Cookies can help you relax your body and fill your mind with creative thoughts. Whether you’re looking for a way to focus on creative work, ease anxiousness, or just relax after a long day’s work – Animal Cookies got you covered! No matter if you’re enjoying some downtime or getting ready to party all night; this strain will get you in the perfect mindset.

For those 21 and older not just interested in finding their perfect high but also seeking an unforgettable experience – look no further than Animal Cookies. Take one puff of these buds and jump right into an adventure!

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