Pink Rose, aka Pink Rozay, is a hybrid strain bred from Lemonchello and LPC75 – also known as London Pound Cake. From its LPC parent, it gets the trait of deep, delicious relaxation. Although Pink Rozay is strongly Indica-dominant (80/20), it inherited the ability to produce a notable stimulated mental alertness from its Lemonchello parent.

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Even those with a basic knowledge of cannabis know that Sativas are the energetic, “party” strains of Mary Jane, while indicas are the “couch-lock” strains that make you dazed and sleepy. It’s a no-brainer to seek out an Indica-dominant strain like Pink Rose if you’re looking to unwind.
Pink Rose is a medium-to-high-THC strain, and it has a low-to-medium range of CBD content, so you will likely feel the effects of this strain reasonably fast. While the common belief is that low-CBD/HighTHC strains aren’t the best for anxiety, there are many more factors to consider regarding the balance of compounds, and users of this product have reported good experiences with using it to calm down. Novice cannabis users may need to pace themselves due to the high THC, but veteran users should ride the wave just fine.

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