A sativa strain cross from animal mints and Kush mints floral odor with hints of mint and vanilla

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Sometimes when breeding cannabis, you come across unique combinations of terpene profiles that you would never expect. The Soap is one of those strange concoctions, a Mintz/Seed Junky Genetics/Berner creation that derives its name from its sudsy, perfumed flavor. The Soap is definitely a strain to check out if you like uplifting sativas.

Only the growers licensed by Cookies will really know how it grows. We can speculate that it grows similar to Kush Mints and Animal Mints, with massive, deep purple and gold colas.

The Soap looks like tight lumps of potpourri, with reds, purples and greens wrapped together with tiny auburn threads. Then the smell hits you, making you want to take a second look to be sure it isn’t some sort of aromatic flower preparation. Lavender, honey suckles, rose and lilac scents are all present — it’s like walking through a spring garden.

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